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Pricing Options

We offer two pricing models:

  1. Fixed cost - based on your organisation’s likely usage, OR
  2. $16 monthly business access fee, plus usage & storage

You can have as many accounts as you need. ProofSafe is priced on usage, not the number of users.

Project setup: we provide a fixed quote to build your forms, reports and workflow systems if needed.

Pricing Calculator

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Most collected data is text which uses very little storage (enter 0 above), if you collect a lot of images, we can assist with storage management and archiving to keep this cost to a minimum.

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Business Access Fee (unlimited users, unlimited forms or apps)

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Storage @ $13/GB

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Some software providers charge per person, per month. Generally this isn't equitable, the calculator below provides a comparison.


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The ProofSafe App - simple to test, free to download and trial for 30 days.

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Volunteers and Environmental groups

We support volunteer based environmental organisations, citizen science initiatives and community groups with free or discounted use of ProofSafe. You can have ProofSafe on as many devices as needed, we'll assist setting up forms and reports and configuration of API's for data management. You can use ProofSafe to research arboreal marsupials and vegetation or track the sales of fundraising calendars or implement safety systems for your volunteers.

More details and some fine print

View legal information & conditions

An equitable system
Everyone at your organisation can have the ProofSafe App and forms on their mobile devices (Android & iOS), including sub-contractors. Individuals or teams can build and test as many forms as required.

ProofSafe billing is structured like a phone account, electricity or gas bill: you pay for usage, not users, this is fair. Why should you pay a large fee for each worker to have access to an app, even if they hardly use it?
Building forms & Reports
We'll build your forms and reports for you in close consultation. We may charge a fee to cover costs, if so, we'll provide a firm, up front quote. There are many settings, calculations and interesting options that can be incorporated into forms, we can probably do this more quickly and efficiently than you, readily identifying opportunities to create brilliant, user friendly forms for your team. Down the track you can do your own adjustments and fine tuning as you need.
Design assistance
We work with you to build forms and reports. Good forms and clear reports are worth investing in as they make a significant difference to productivity and presentation. A well-designed form will be ordered logically, question types will match your needs, drop-down lists will be structured to keep things simple and quick. The end result is forms your team will be happy to use.

Good reports require complete data sets, they need to be structured for your organisation and set up to minimise post processing. Well structured reports save time and lead to strong tender submissions, data analysis and searchable data files. We help you set up your forms and reports, you don't need to have an in-house computer programmer to get things working. We will charge for some of these services however we'll keep your costs to a minimum. You will be given a clear indication of any costs we may (or may not) charge before commencement.
Digital forms
Examples of the type of data you might collect:
  • pre-start safety check
  • flora survey
  • worksite audit of personnel and equipment
  • data on rabbit numbers for a citizen science project
  • statistics for a school project
  • tree species and GPS location for an arborist
  • vehicle log book details for a salesperson on the road; or
  • images and details of an incident for an investigation
  • Location and number of birds sighted during a Citizen Science project
Create and use as many forms as you need.