Solutions for the Tree Industry - The App for Arborists

Trees and WHS / OHS / HWS compliance

ProofSafe is built on the back of years of Arb industry experience. The App is specifically designed to help keep your team working safely, and prove it.

Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) Encroachment calculator

Safety documents, SWMS, online digital forms and system for managing safety on tree jobs.  ProofSafe is designed to manage workplace safety and it's particularly useful for arborists and the urban forestry industry

Four key areas where ProofSafe can assist a tree business:

  • Digital forms - every form you or your team want, but on your phone, not paper. Easier to complete and instantly secure. Ensure your team is filling in the 'paperwork' every day: every Pre-start, log-book, maintenance records and JSA / JSEA, even quotes and timesheets. Share your forms with your entire team. All the paperwork becomes simple, keep the team safe, get the tenders and prove WHS/OHS compliance.

  • Documents - ProofSafe can supply all your SWMS, JSA's JSEA, SOP's etc, these are tree industry specific documents such as   Chipper SWMS's,   Using Cranes With Trees   or policies and general procedures . Written by leading arborists specifically for the Arb industry.
    What's the difference between a JSA and SWMS?

  • Asset management - Ensure every machine or person in your business is properly documented and up to date, last service date, refresher course, audit, etc - this means when going for tenders you can show proper records and prove compliance. Using ProofSafe easily collect and store this data.

  • Arborist reports - Using offline, digital forms collect all your tree data with quick selection lists. The SRZ and TPZ is automatically calculated, the result arrives as a spreadsheet easily inserted to your arborist reports.
    Coming soon the ProofSafe Report Builder will incorporate data tables, mapping, template text and images; these will be fed directly to your template making arboricultural reporting very simple. This App is perfect for Tree Risk Reports, Planning reports or large scale tree inventories.

Register a new free trial account directly from the App. ProofSafe is tailored to your business, what forms or reports do you need?

Create any form, fill it in and receive a finished report. Digital forms on phones or tablets used to collect data and automatically create a report with your logo that is delivered to you via email. Forms with mapping, images, text, calculated questions and much more.