Replace your paper systems -   quickly collect accurate information,  eliminate data entry,  protect your team,  prove compliance,  win tenders,  increase efficiency and returns.

ProofSafe is a web based software package and an App for phones and tablets.   Both the front and back-end software is tailored to suit your projects and your team.


Digital forms for data collection and workplace safety, OHS / WHS

Customised and Simple

ProofSafe is simple for the whole team to use and customised to suit your organisation.

Create and edit any form you need, share those digital forms with individuals, teams or contractors via their phone. Once a form is filled in the data is immediatly stored and secure with a report emailed as needed.

  • Simple to use - high staff adoption
  • Eliminate paperwork, waste and data entry
  • Let your entire team record data and events, anywhere, anytime
  • Prove safety compliance to authorities and work providers - simplify tender submissions
  • Multiple solutions across your business - Field research, Audits, JSEA's, SWMS, Time sheets, Maintenance records etc.
Proof Safe digital forms for offline data collection


Our team will work with you to customise your systems. The App is branded to your organisation with the folders and forms you need.

  1. Collecting data with smart, clean forms
  2. Data transfer and storage that is efficient and secure
  3. Outputs - You can extract the information you need when you need it as spreadsheets, reports or via API's etc 
    (API - moves data between different computer programs)

ProofSafe documentation is in plain language, the App and desktop program is simple to use.


Our pricing is fair, choose between:

  • Low subscription fee plus usage costs,   or
  • Fixed cost option for budgeting if preferred

Your entire team, including sub-contractors or volunteers, can have the ProofSafe App and forms on multiple devices ready to go at no additional charge.   This means your forms are familiar, tested and ready to go however you only pay for active users, this is fair.

We provide free or discounted pricing to volunteer groups - if you're an organisation focused on the environment or community, contact us to discuss options.

Setting up ProofSafe for your organisation may (or may not) incur a cost, depending on complexity. You will be given a clear indication of any costs prior to commencing, call us to discuss your needs.

Proof Safe - How to login or register for offline digital forms for data collection in OHS / WHS or research

Getting started

Individual using an existing account (e.g. employee joining a company) - Get your login details from your employer or project coordinator and login, you do NOT need to Register.

Organisation or individual setting up a new account - Using the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Google/Android) download the ProofSafe App to your devices, then use the 'New Registration' function on your device to get started.

For assistance contact us via or take a look at the Help Page.

To have a look at how the app is structured and try out some forms you can download the App free and login immediately with:

Username - guest1
Password - demo1

Download the App to your device at:

iPad / iPhone -          Android

ProofSafe - simple, flexible and secure