Digitise all your paper systems -   ProofSafe is a web based software package, and an App, to assist organisations collect and manage information. ProofSafe is very flexible, easily configured to your organisation.


Digital forms for data collection and workplace safety, OHS / WHS

Simple and Flexible

Replace all paper systems - managing data can be time consuming and costly, ProofSafe handles large and complex sets of data ensuring that you can keep your records up to date and find your information when needed. 
Collecting information requires forms; ProofSafe forms are shared with your team on phones or tablets, they are straightforward to create and easily allocated to individual teams or external contractors as required.

  • Eliminate paperwork and time consuming data entry
  • Let your entire team record data and events, anywhere, anytime
  • Prove safety compliance to authorites and work providers - win tenders
  • Use a single system to do everything - research, pre-starts, time sheets, maintenance records....


Our aim is to ensure you have a full solution:

  1. Collecting data with smart, clean forms
  2. Data transfer and storage that is efficient and secure
  3. Outputs - You can extract what you need when you need it - spreadsheets, reports, API's 
    (API - moves data between different computer programs)

ProofSafe documentation will be in plain language, the app and desktop program is simple to use and our team will assist as needed to ensure ProofSafe is working for you.


Our pricing structure is founded on fair: Low monthly subscription fee, free when you're inactive. We can provide a fixed cost for budgeting if preferred. Volunteer groups not collecting images can use ProofSafe free.

Your entire team, including Citizen Scientists, can have the ProofSafe App and forms on their devices ready to go with no charge, they can even upload a small number of results (without images), this means your forms are familiar, tested and ready to go but you only pay for those specific devices when they are in normal use, this is fair.

Setting up forms and/or reports may (or may not) incur a cost, this will depend on complexity and the type of organisation. If you get in touch and send through your paper versions we can provide an estimate before starting.

Proof Safe digital forms for offline data collection

Getting started

Using the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Google/Android) download the ProofSafe app to your devices, then register directly on your device.

For assistance contact us via email or take a look at the Help Page.

To have a look at how the app is structured and try out some forms you can download the App free and login now using:

Username - 'guest' 
Password - 'demo'

ProofSafe - simple, flexible and secure